Hilbert Curves for Axis

What is it ?

A simple python script for use with the Axis interface for Emc. It generates a series of Hilbert curves.

Why would I want to do this ?

Hilbert curves are a visually pleasing form, which can be used to provide decoration for flat surfaces. In particular, they make a very nice pattern for screens, and room dividers. Other uses are possible.

Ok, I'm in. What do I do ?

To try this out, all you need to do is download the script.

Downloading the script

The script is HERE. A good plan is to store it with any other emc scripts you might have. Remember to set the executable flag on the file.

Check your Axis INI file, to ensure that the filter section has an entry to specify an interpreter. It should look something like this:

PROGRAM_EXTENSION = .py Python Script
py = python

Time to try it out

Fire up your emc, and open the hilbert.py file. You should see this:

Select your parameters, click on generate, and the gcode will be read into Axis.


If you would like to leave feedback, you can do so HERE.